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Welcome to the Mythweavers wiki.



This wiki is currently in alpha testing.

The Mythweavers wiki enables the sharing of information about Sword Coast Legends and Neverwinter Online games. You can use forms to add information about your characters, stories and creations and the wiki will show how your pages link together - with your own information and with that of others. The wiki is open to all roleplayers and content creators in Neverwinter Online and Sword Coast Legends.

Start by creating your Player Page, by visiting the link in the Creation navigation bar (left) or username (top right) and then using clicking on the "Create with form" tab. You have to make a player page before adding any other content. If you want help with adding content, you can open up the Tutorial page and refer to it as you start to use the wiki. More tutorials can be found on the Tutorials help page.

Dungeons and Dragons

Player Characters

Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Player characters.

Supporting Cast

Copyright Wizards of the Coast

The supporting cast and other non-player characters.

Adventuring Groups

Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Adventuring groups.


Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Organisations that spread across the Realms.


Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Notable events, such as a great battle.


Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Epic tales, which may consist of a number of events.


Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Modules created and shared in Sword Coast Legends or Neverwinter Online.


Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Campaigns, sets of modules linked together with a common plot.

All images above are courtesy of DnD Logo.png Wizards of the Coast.