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This page lists all of the campaigns added to the wiki. To add a new module, use the Campaign form.

CampaignsSummaryAuthorModules in campaignParticipants
Green MoonA big green moon has appeared on the sky over the Mythweavers stronghold. Aberrations walk the lands, and the stronghold's main tower is now a portal to a strange demiplane covered in primeval forests, ruled by a religious organization named simply the Church.Mythweavers
Last ChancesThe Iltarch of Amn has acquired a mine in the far north of the Sword Coast. It's too dangerous to risk trained miners, best on all sides by the Savage North, so he sends criminals to work his claim instead.WinterFrom the Spinning CoinChris516/Seb
The Spinning Coin
Vespesian/Indech Darkheart
Zapgun/Obryn Hammerhand
Of dragons and drowThe Mythweavers find themselves under attack from an ancient dragon and an undead drowNyxie SylthaMythweavers
Shadows of ValenA face to face Roleplaying Group.Chris516Chris516/Brent
The Blacklake SlasherNyxie Syltha
The curse of Xir'enA mysterious necromancer is trying to bring down the Mythweavers for his own nefarious purposesNyxie SylthaMythweavers
Blake Midnight
The Nyxie/Nyxie Syltha
Orsik Stoneheart
Van Richten's Tools of Science - the Curse of StrahdA face-to-face Curse of Strahd campaign.WinterCurse of StrahdZen/Una Sarif
Vespesian/Kara Volpe
Justicar/Aldric Kallere
Zakharan NightsThe Mythweavers are hired to take care of a problem in Zakhara, the land of fateNyxie SylthaCouncil of Five