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This page lists all of the events added to the wiki. To add a new group, use the Event form.

EventSummaryPlayer Characters involvedSupporting cast involvedAdventuring groups involvedOrganisations involved
Breaking ShadowsShil
Tathar Minhiriath
Broken Bones"They may look harmless. But I beg of you: do not trust them."Thargu/Phaira Hla'afinRoesor Hla'afinHouse Hla'afin/Ust'aky
House Auvryn'thel
Cultural Amenities"I am afraid that the affair that gathers us together tonight... is a troubling one. Things that should have been left sleeping have been awoken, and the situation might be even more dire than it seemed at first."Thargu/Livra SilverthreadShilMythweavers
Lauder Enterprises
Owls and ShadesMavar
Red and BlackKathar CopperpeltMythweavers
The Night of WeepingA night in which many servitors of Shar were killed.Winter/WinterMauraThe Watchful EyeMythweavers