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This page lists all of the canonical locations added to the wiki (i.e. part of the Forgotten Realms). To add a new group, use the Location form.

Location Summary Featured in these stories Used in these modules
Amn Amn is a mercantile nation on the southern Sword Coast.
Anauroch A magical desert in northern Faerun. Inhabited by the Bedine.
Baldur's Gate The most populous city in Faerun. Indech Darkheart's Tale
Barovia Barovia is a small village in the eponymous Barovia, part of the Demiplane of Dread. Crushing the Grapes, Volpe Thoughts 16
Candlekeep A fortified library run by monks in service to Oghma.
Citadel Felbar A dwarven citadel located in the Silver Marches at the base of the Rauvin Mountains.
Daggerford Daggerford is a small trading town in the Forgotten Realms.
Evereska The elven haven in the Western Heartlands.
Faerûn The primary continent of the Forgotten Realms. The Night of Weeping, A Light in the Darkness, Whispers in the Dark, Darkened Dust and Blackened Blood, Owls and Shades, Red and Black, Breaking Shadows, The unexpected letter, Mission report: defending the portal The Maw of Prophecy
Golarion Space Space around Golarion for Starfinder campaign. Starfinder - Dead Suns
High Forest A vast and mysterious forest.
High Moor A large area of open moor and heath with many monstrous inhabitants. A Night for Wolves
Icewind Dale A frigid region along the northern part of the Sword Coast.
Luskan A city of pirates.
Martira Bay Governor's Mansion The Governor of Martira Bay is the ruler of the wealthy port city, a post given only to those who demonstrate outstanding service to Azalin. This is their seat of power.
Mirabar A mining city.
Mithral Hall A dwarven stronghold in the Frost Hills.
Neverwinter A city on the Sword Coast. Cultural Amenities, A Story Ends, Come, little children (part 1), Come, little children (part 2), The Blacklake Slasher, The Rise of Xir'en
Neverwinter Woods The forest outside of Neverwinter.
Sea of Swords The trading sea that gives the Sword Coast its name.
Silverymoon A city famous for its magic and music.
The Glimmerwood A forest haunted by lycanthropes.
The Land of Barovia The Land of Barovia is the cursed land ruled by Count Strahd von Zarovich. Volpe Thoughts 13, Volpe Thoughts 14, Volpe Thoughts 15
The Lurkwood A forest with a bad reputation. Little Lost Lambs, An Apprentice Unleashed
The Spine of the World A mountain range from Icewind Dale to Anauroch. From the Spinning Coin
Underdark The vast network of caves and tunnels far below the surface of Faerun.
Vallaki A town in Barovia.
Waterdeep A grand trading metropolis on the Sword Coast. Journal of Kalos Hathal, The Journal of Leyna Res'ik - (1) Description, Journal of Kalos Hathal 2, Journal of Kalos Hathal 3, Journal of Kalos Hathal 4, Journal of Kalos Hathal 5, Journal of Kalos Hathal 7, The Journal of Leyna Res'ik - (2) 4th of Ches, Journal of Kalos Hathal 8, Journal of Kalos Hathal 9, Journal of Kalos Hathal 10, Journal of Kalos Hathal 11, Journal of Kalos Hathal 12, Journal of Kalos Hathal 13, Journal of Kalos Hathal 14, Journal of Kalos Hathal 15, Journal of Kalos Hathal 16, Journal of Kalos Hathal 17, Volpe's Thoughts 1, Volpe Thoughts 2, Volpe Thoughts 3, Volpe Thoughts 4, Volpe Thoughts 5, Volpe Thoughts 6, Volpe Thoughts 7, Volpe Thoughts 8, Volpe Thoughts 9, Volpe Thoughts 10, Volpe Thoughts 11, Volpe Thoughts 12