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This page lists all of the modules added to the wiki. To add a new module, use the Module form. You may also want to watch the YouTube video that gives an example of module planning using the wiki.

ModulesSummaryAuthorLocations used
An Apprentice UnleashedA wandering thespian asks the adventurers to investigate the town of Oladir, which was quarantined two years ago by the Lords' Alliance and has not been heard from since.WinterThe Lurkwood
From the Spinning CoinIltarch Blaise Dannihyr has acquired a mine in the far north of the Sword Coast, and ships Amn's most unwanted criminals there to work it for him in the hostile north.WinterThe Spine of the World
Little Lost LambsThis module sees the characters encounter a small tribe of Uthgardt, and find that tribe's children have been stolen away by slavers. The characters follow the tracks and eventually find the bandits dead and the children missing ... .WinterThe Lurkwood
The Maw of ProphecyIt is said that to follow your understanding of prophecy without considering your folly is to charge into the maw of death. When an heir to a heavy handed Lord goes missing our heroes will embark upon a quest rife with struggle, death and prophecy. But who's pulling the strings?ArtheariusFaerûn
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