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This page lists all of the organisations. To add a new group, use the Organisation form.

Organisation Summary Members Alliances Heraldry
Council of Five The Council of Five are the rulers of Amn. Blaise Dannihyr No image
House Hla'afin/Ust'aky A Drow House situated in the Underdark, acting as merchants by trading goods from the surface to cities in the Underdark and vice versa. Thargu/Cal'daer Rilyn'tlar, Thargu/Phaira Hla'afin, Roesor Hla'afin, Micarstra Hla'afin House Siynt'rae, Hadesguard, Zylvran No image
House Siynt'rae A Drow House specializing in invocations. House Hla'afin/Ust'aky No image
Lauder Enterprises A group of merchants and merchenaries under contract and supported by the Lauder family. Thargu/Livra Silverthread, SeaLadyJ/Stassi Malsoul, Arivae No image
Mythweavers A charitable organisation based in Neverwinter. Maura, Buddafish/Thia Moonsilver Silentread, Buddafish/Lily Silentread, Thargu/Tsab'aghar Ouss'rret, Thargu/Gale Meadowstalker, Drauks/Drauks, Buddafish/Keria Silentread, Thargu/Yazara Flameleaf, Thargu/Ven'dar the Silent, Thargu/Veszmyr the Denounced, Thargu/Faraviah Wintersong, Yamato146/Lavinia Ironshield, Ahrisahn/Ahrisahn, Riri/Felim F. Fluorite, Darin/zandarin stargazer, Darin/Darin the Rogue, Darin/Seven of Nine, Steve B/ Bahor Elkrana, Riri/May'Ayne, Tanner/Aedan Teathorn, Lothar/Lothar Black, Maelstrom Vortex/Sentry Goldenflame, Riri/Ashra, Aleeka Hawke/Aleeka Hawke, Riri/Fritjof, Riri/Clara Cohen, Aleeka Hawke/Lux Vitalis, Yamato146/Ridryl, Yamato146/Bryndis, Yamato146/Shazadi, Yamato146/Kéziah, Yamato146/al-Aziz, Yamato146/Ximena, Yamato146/Yzz'ydra, Allard Colton/Allard Colton, Enarsusurper/Sifreyja Skaaldottir, Milesupshurrr/Miles O'Daire, Chris516/Greenfinger, Tifa0x/Tifa the Tormite, Woody898/Firen, Nyxie Syltha/Nyxana Jane Syltha, Flaugie/Flaugnarde, Winter/Darion, Chris516/Brent
Mythweavers seal black on white background.png
The Hunt A nomadic malarite hunt roaming the swordcoast. Caladar "Blackfur" Bloodclaw No image
The Spinning Coin The Spinning Coin is a merchant coster that trades between mines in the Spine of the World, and Amn. Horys the Bloody, Factor Jarry, Ampledown Hipplemith, Scarbel Heem, Scarbel Hume, Steelworker Ibortil, Bruna of the Citadel, Sprinklebelle, Golden Tongue Gileas, Vespesian/Indech Darkheart, Chris516/Seb, Ahrisahn/Liam Dumeathen Council of Five No image
The Trinity Council The council of the current guild-leaders. Riri/Felim F. Fluorite, The Nyxie/Nyxie Syltha, ShiWeiDe/Inodun, Nyxie Syltha/Nyxana Jane Syltha Mythweavers No image