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Mythweavers:Player Characters

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This page lists all the player characters. To add a character, you must use the form in the Player Character section of your Player Page.

Character Species Adventuring Group Allegiances Portrait
Tanner/Aedan Teathorn Halfling - Lightfoot Mythweavers
Aedan Teathorn.png
Ahrisahn/Ahrisahn Human Mythweavers
Ahrisahn - Character Picture.png
Yamato146/al-Aziz Human Mythweavers No image
Justicar/Aldric Kallere Half-elf No image
Aleeka Hawke/Aleeka Hawke Mythweavers
Allard Colton/Allard Colton Human Mythweavers
Allard colton.png
Arizanel Dragonborn - Silver No image
Riri/Ashra Mythweavers
Steve B/ Bahor Elkrana Mythweavers No image
Banelor/Banelor Runeblade Human No image
Johngerat/Bran Half-elf
Brent-Shadows-of-Valen.jpg No image
Yamato146/Bryndis Human Mythweavers No image
BUTTERCUP/Butterbloom Gnome - Wood No image
Thargu/Cal'daer Rilyn'tlar House Hla'afin/Ust'aky
Cal Avatar.PNG
Chris516/Brent Half-elf Mythweavers
Chris516/Greenfinger Halfling - Lightfoot Mythweavers
Aedan Teathorn.png
Riri/Clara Cohen Human Mythweavers No image
Darin/Darin the Rogue Human Mythweavers
Darintherogue.png No image
Darintherogue2.png No image
NexusNeos96/Drangmar Thorowind Half-orc No image
Drauks/Drauks Dragonborn - Black Mythweavers No image
Johngerat/Dubhlain Gréine Aasimar
NexusNeos96/Elara Thorowind Half-elf No image
Thevampinator/Eylissa Stormheart Human - Variant No image
Thargu/Faraviah Wintersong Unique Snowflake Mythweavers
Faraviah Avatar.PNG
Riri/Felim F. Fluorite Half-elf Mythweavers, The Trinity Council
Felim F. Fluorite.png
Woody898/Firen Human Mythweavers
Aedan Teathorn.png
Flaugie/Flaugnarde Tiefling Mythweavers
Riri/Fritjof Unique Snowflake Mythweavers No image
Thargu/Gale Meadowstalker Mythweavers
Gale Avatar.PNG
Atanatar/Halklyr Nar'darash Unique Snowflake No image
Wolfboy1990/Harth Redtail Tiefling No image
Chronometer/Hertog Goldrin Dwarf - Mountain No image
Buddafish/Holly Silentread No image
Vespesian/Indech Darkheart Human - Variant The Spinning Coin
Indech Darkheart.jpg
ShiWeiDe/Inodun Human The Trinity Council No image
Johngerat/Bragi Half-elf No image
Vespesian/Kara Volpe Half-elf
Kara Volpe.jpg
Buddafish/Keria Silentread Mythweavers No image
Johngerat/Khnan Human - Variant No image
Yamato146/Kéziah Mythweavers No image
Red Beard/Lady Ashland No image
Buddafish/Larna Silentread No image
Yamato146/Lavinia Ironshield Halfling - Stout Mythweavers No image
Buddafish/Lia Silentread No image
Ahrisahn/Liam Dumeathen Human - Variant The Spinning Coin
Liam Dumeathen.png
Buddafish/Lily Silentread Mythweavers No image
Thargu/Livra Silverthread Unique Snowflake Lauder Enterprises
Livra Avatar.PNG
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