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This page lists all the supporting cast (non-player characters). To add a member of the supporting cast, use the form.

Non-Player Character Summary Originally added by Allegiances Portrait
Ampledown Hipplemith Ampledown is a member of Horys' Hundred. Winter The Spinning Coin
Ampledown Hipplemith.png
Arivae Livras Beetle familiar. Thargu Lauder Enterprises
Arivae Avatar.jpg
Arrn'ess Sanshee'nar Livras Mother. Thargu No image
Barbin Corbin Riri No image
Blaise Dannihyr Blaise Dannihyr is the Iltarch of Amn, in charge of espionage. Winter Council of Five
Blaise Dannihyr.png
Branni the Merchant Branni is a merchant who sells lumber in the south and worked jewellry in the north. She has a small private caravan with several guards and is herself an accomplished duelist. Branni is only out for herself. Winter No image
Bruna of the Citadel Bruna is an armoursmith working for the Spinning Coin Coster. Winter The Spinning Coin
Bruna of the Citadel.png
Caladar "Blackfur" Bloodclaw Huntsmaster of a nomadic malarite hunt. Thargu The Hunt
Caladar Avatar.PNG
Dustfang One of Cal'daers informants in Neverwinter. Not exactly a beauty, but nimble and wary. Thargu
Dustfang Avatar.PNG
Factor Jarry Factor Jarry is a half elf who leads the Spinning Coin. Winter The Spinning Coin
Factor Jarry.png
Faline D'Murrpau A high cleric of Selûne and Tsab'aghars mate. Lycanthrope. PC. House Auvryn'thel No image
Golden Tongue Gileas Golden Tongue Gileas is a priest of Waukeen. Winter The Spinning Coin
Golden Tongue Gileas.png
Heriol the Smith Heriol is a skilled smith. He can be found in the camp that bears his name, just on the edge of the Lurkwood. Winter
Heriol the Smith.png
Horys the Bloody Horys the Bloody is an experienced mercenary leader who works for the Spinning Coin. Winter The Spinning Coin
Horys the Bloody.png
Hurkin Hurkin is the elder of the Plains Stalker tribe, an ancient and toothless man who has forgotten most of what he knows but is nevertheless respected by his tribe and kept regularly fed and watered. He is aware of the burden he represents and willing to walk out into the wilderness to stop being a burden on them. Winter No image
Jara Jara is Sabbash the Wolf's wife of several years. She's heartbroken over the disappearance of her daughter and the other children of the tribe. She wants vengeance on the things that took the children. Winter No image
Jorg A guardsman of Netheril, Jorg followed his wizardly master into exile prior to the city's fall. Winter
Kathar Copperpelt A member of the Stonepaw-Tribe. Thargu
Kathar Copperpelt.PNG
Kirif of the Lurkwood Kirif of the Lurkwood has been guarding the forest from those who would cause it ill for almost a decade. He has distant, but cordial, relations with local woodsmen. Most of his work is done by Awakened animals. Winter
Kirif of the Lurkwood.png
Maryle Silverstar Riri No image
Maura A steel-eyed and steel-haired woman who always wears a dagger on her belt. Winter Mythweavers
Supporting Cast.png
Mavar Mavar is Dalseins guardian and mount. Thargu No image
Micarstra Hla'afin Phairas youngest sister. In charge of the office in Neverwinter. Thargu House Hla'afin/Ust'aky
Micarstra Avatar.PNG
Nanta Sanshee'nar Livras Sister. Thargu
Nanta Avatar.PNG
Neliel Ballindoron Riri No image
Peony Chosen of the Plains Stalker Peony is a chosen of the Plains Stalker spirit, a great cat. Winter No image
Roesor Hla'afin Thirdborn son to Briz'stra Hla'afin and current personal guard with benefits of Phaira Hla'afin. PC. House Hla'afin/Ust'aky No image
Sabbash the Wolf Sabbash is the most experienced hunter of the Uthgardt Plains Stalker tribe, and the tribe leader. He is the High Priest of the feline spirit Loriks that his people follow. His daughter Peony is amongst the kidnapped. Winter No image
Scarbel Heem Scarbel Heem is a bodyguard assigned to Horys the Bloody. Winter The Spinning Coin
Scarbel Heem.png
Scarbel Hume Scarbel Heem is a bodyguard assigned to Factor Jarry. Winter The Spinning Coin
Scarbel Hume.png
Sharma the Fieldmouse A fallen priestess of Chauntea. Winter
Sharma the Fieldmouse.png
Shil Referred to as 'brother' by Silvershade. Poor common. Employed by Livra Silverthread. Thargu
Shil Avatar.PNG
Silvershade Refers to Shil as his 'brother'. Polite and courteous, though a bit shady. Nanta's guardian. Thargu
Silvershade Avatar.PNG
Sprinklebelle Sprinklebelle is a Hedge Doctor who works for the Spinning Coin, curing diseases throughout the camp and the slaves. Winter The Spinning Coin
Steelworker Ibortil Steelworker Ibortil is a dwarven smith working for the Spinning Coin Coster. Winter The Spinning Coin
Steelworker Ibortil.png
Tathar Minhiriath An Aasimar serving as a guardian to Arrn'ess' sanctum. Thargu
Tathar Avatar.png
Tiasturhul Tiasturhul long served as an apprentice in Netheril. Just prior to the climactic fall of Thultanthar he was assigned by his master to go out into the world and hunt for Weave anchors. Winter
Trevor Wilms Riri
Trevor Wilms.jpg
Xrym'shizz An Ulitharid overseeing matters in Zylvran. Thargu No image
Zorohos the Thespian Zorohos the Thespian is a noted performer, racounteur, and party-goer from Waterdeep. His humility is notable for its total absence. Winter
Zorohos the Thespian.png