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Power Tree
Power Class Fighter
Power Points Cost
Level of Power 0
Level Requirement
Equipment Requirement
Hostile Power? Hostile
Range (feet - 5 indicates melee) 18
Range is based on weapon? No
Area of Effect Template Cone
Area of Effect Size (feet)
Cooldown 160
Target Self only? No
Attack Roll Needed? No
Maximum Targets
Temporary Hitpoints
Temporary Hitpoints Duration
Minimum Hitpoints Healed
Maximum Hitpoints Healed
Healing Duration
Initial Effect Save Type Dexterity
Initial Effect Save DC 10
Initial Effect Damage Type Force
Initial Effect Number of Hits 1
Initial Effect Lowest Damage 1
Initial Effect Highest Damage 4
Initial Effect Damage Half on Miss No
Initial Effect Damage Save for Half Yes
Initial Effect Status Effects Knock Back
Initial Effect Status Effect Chance
Secondary Effect Save Type Strength
Secondary Effect Save DC 12
Secondary Effect Damage Type
Secondary Effect Number of Hits
Secondary Effect Lowest Damage
Secondary Effect Highest Damage
Secondary Effect Damage Half on Miss No
Secondary Effect Damage Save for Half No
Secondary Effect Status Effects Prone
Secondary Effect Status Effect Chance
Ongoing Save Type
Ongoing Save DC
Ongoing Damage Type
Ongoing Lowest Damage
Ongoing Highest Damage
Ongoing Damage Save for Half No
Ongoing Status Effects
Ongoing Status Effect Chance
Ongoing Duration
Ongoing Duration is Permanent No
Ongoing Ability Change
Ongoing Ability Change Amount
Ongoing Armour Class
Ongoing Retaliatory Aura
Ongoing Retaliatory Aura Minimum Amount is
Ongoing Retaliatory Aura Maximum Amount is
Ongoing Save Ability Change
Ongoing Save Change Value
Ongoing Cooldown Change
Ongoing Cooldown Change
Ongoing Action Speed
Ongoing Extra Attacks
Ongoing Critical Range
Ongoing Hit Bonus or Penalty
Ongoing Damage Bonus Type
Ongoing Damage Bonus or Penalty Minimum
Ongoing Damage Bonus or Penalty Maximum
Ongoing Vulnerability Type
Ongoing Damage Resistance Types
Ongoing Damage Resistance Percentage Change Amount
Ongoing Damage Resistance Flat Change Amount
Ongoing Block Incoming Projectiles No
Ongoing Grant Combat Advantage No
Ongoing Grant Evasion No
Ongoing Parry Chance
Ongoing Healing Given Change
Ongoing Healing Received Change
Ongoing Movement Speed Percentage Change
Ongoing Movement Speed Flat Amount Change
Ongoing Grant Stealth Change
Ongoing Invisibility No
Ongoing Prevents Stealth and Invisibility No
Summon Type
Summon Duration
Remove Ongoing Effects