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Sentry Goldenflame

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Maelstrom Vortex/Sentry Goldenflame
Title Sentry Goldenflame (@User:Maelstrom Vortex)
Player User:Maelstrom Vortex
Sentry Portrait.jpg
Species Dragonborn - Gold
Adventuring group
Organisation Mythweavers
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Summary Sentry is a golden dragon born with singular purpose, thwart Tiamat every time she attempts to rise again.


Name: Sentry

Clan: Goldenflame

Mother: Aurora

Father: Arcus

Race: Draognborn (Metallic Ancestry, Gold, purebred.)

Age: 25

Role: Paladin

Purpose: To serve Bahamut and keep his commandments.


Sentry.. is an old soul. He has seen many worlds. But he keeps waking up in new ones with new eyes. Each time, in a dragon like body, each time with gilded scales and seemingly in the same family. He doesn't tell anyone this because they'd think he was insane and who knows, maybe he is. He doesn't have a good grasp on any of the memories of his older lives and isn't even sure if he is delusional or not.

Every time he has remembered being born he hears the call of Bahamut and answers the call as a Paladin.. each time sent to the front in the war against Evil among the planes and primes of the plane-scape. Despite this seemingly endless life of battle, he enjoys his existence.. enjoys serving others.. and simply seems to love what he does.

It is very possible there is an explanation for what he is, but if there is it is long forgotten perhaps along with his true identity. That's not important to him though, he lives in the present.. doing good. That is all he knows.

Despite the strange nature of his being he is a very humble soul. He rarely takes to alcoholic drinks except on special occasion and lives a very stoic lifestyle. When he was born his father gave him a mace. When he was old enough to wield it, it seemed strangely familiar as if he had held it before. Every battle seemed to remind him of something else he had never lived.

He recalls places others do not even know to exist, like Mount Celestia, home of the Platinum God himself and the many villages of noble people that surround its base defended by legions of archons. For some strange reason, that seemed more familiar to him than any other world he recalled having been on.. and he seemed to have memories that spanned greater than his life in this one. Why he wold even remember such a place is beyond his own grasp.

His constant prayer is, "Lord Bahamut, I remember not who I am, or where I came from outside of this life, only in glimpses of dreams and fragments of a vision. But I know who I am know and what I must do upon Aber-Toril. Guide me in my war with Tiamat, let me see her servants brought low for the sake of all that is Just. My life is not about me, it is always about You. Eternal praises from your humble servant, may I die in the glory of your service. May my mace strike true. May the demons shudder in your holy presence."

Update: AERaiyn, Tanis, TIfa, and a red robed wizard whose name I forget have awakened a Dragon's Soul inside of Sentry after bringing him into contact directly with power from the positive material plane. It remembers its history as a planes walker and its heritage as a family of servitors of Bahamut from mount Celestia. He has lived so many lives prior to this one on different prime worlds he cannot recall them all, he only knows that Bahamut sends him wherever he is needed. He also remembers his mission here. He was sent to undo the work of Tiamat.

Tanis has referred to him as one of the members of the "Right Wing of Bahamut". He grows rapidly in power and strength, preparing to take on his true nemesis, the Queen of the Abyss.

AERaiyn discovered the reason Sentry had lost the memories of his prior incarnations was because Asmodeus was the last devil he had fought. Asmodeus had cursed his soul to be ground in the grinder and to forget its origins on reincarnation, leaving it misshapen and broken until AERaiyn figured out his true identity and restored it.

Now that Sentry knows who he is, he has an even greater puzzle to solve about his new found friends after revelations which surfaced in their travels through the Crypts of one of the old houses of Neverwinter in order to secure lost relics. The future of this gilded soul just got very interesting.

More recently, having lost track of Tanis and his brief acquaintances, Sentry settled into life with the Mythweavers adventuring guild. He rose in strength and ability while training with them and soon was contacted by one of the Platinum Cadre who informed him of his purpose. He was to be stationed at Neverwinter, under cover, by the "Right Wing of Bahamut". Sentry was finally informed as to what that meant, that the Right Wing was one of the Celestial Legions and he was to be one of its agents. His purpose was simple, keep tabs on the Dragon Cult that kept seeking to return Tiamat and keep them in check with whatever resources and personnel he could assemble. The war in the planes was intensifying and it was suspected Tiamat would look for any outlet through which to attack or spread her influence.

His name most apt, Sentry now helps stand guard over Neverwinter and Faerun, ever watchful of the intrusion of the abyss or the hells.






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